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Angamaly Diocese , Angamaly P.O, Ernakulam, Kerala - 683 572



It became necessary to have a church in order to meet the spiritual needs of the Orthodox Christians of Ankamaly and the neighbouring localities. As a first step the local members of the Orthodox Church formed a prayer group in the name of Gregorious of Parumala, whisch started prayer meetings in the homes of its members. Their next step was to approach the diocesan Bishop with a request for a church at Angamaly. Then Bishop with promised all his support for the same. Thus this piece of land was found, and an advance amount of Rs. 5,000/- was paid for its later purchase. Rev. Fr. Kuriokose of Kunnamkulam gave the first contribution of Rs. 101/- towards the church building fund with his blessings.

H.G Mar Theophilose and H.G Mar Osthathiose presented the matter at the meeting of the Malankara Association held at mavelikkara on 16th May 1977 about the need to raise a fund of Rs. 25,000/- for the purchase of the piece of land to build the church envisioned at Angamaly. It is remembered with gratitude that this amount of money came fpr the totally a contribution of those who attended that meeting of the Malankara Association. On 18th August 1977 this piece of land measuring 31 cents was bought in the name of H.H the Catholicose of Malankara.

On the 16th September 1978 H.G Mar Theophilose and H.G. Polycorpose jointly officiated at the ceremony which witnessed the laying of the foundation stone for this church to be built in the name of St.Gregoriose of Parumala.The consecration of the functnary and the Altar of a temporary chapel was also conducted. On the 24th September 1978, Sunday, Rev.Fr. P.M.Joseph celebrated the first Holy Qurbana. The services rendered to the church by Sr. P.P. Vareed and the other members of the Poikadathu family from then on,will always be remembered gratefully.

The building of the church was completed by Dec.1980.1981 January 31st February 1 it was consecrated by h.H Mathews 1, Catholicose, assisted by H.G Philopose Mar. Theophilose, H.G. Mathews Mar Burnabas, H.G Joseph Mar Pakomiose and H.G Yacob Mar Polycorpose.

The three Altars were dedicated, the central one to St.Gregoiose of Parumala, the northern one to St.Mary and the southern one to St.thomas. All those who have helped in the building of this church in big or small measures will always be remembered with gratitude and with prayers that God Almighty may bless them abundantly for what they have done.

In this parish comprising to families, all the spiritual activities such as the Sunday school, the St.Mary’s League, the Youth League, and the family prayer meetings are being organized creditably.

We will thankfully remember all the priests who have served in this church. Rev. Fr. I.C Pathrose, Rev. Fr. Thomas Pazhampally, Rev. Fr. M.M Varghese,Rev.Fr. Mathai Idayanal, Rev. Fr. M.V.Poulose, Rev.Fr.T.T.Jacob, Rev.Fr.P.V. Kuriakose, Rev.Fr. K.K. Markose, Rev.Fr. C.A. Poulose, Rev.Fr. Varghese Pynadath, Rev. Fr.James Joseph and Rev .Fr. Joseph Mulamkuzhi.

It is Rev. Fr. J. Poulose who has served as the Vicar of this church from the year 2005. It can be proudly recorded that construction activities costing Rs. 8 lakhs have been carried out during his tenture.The 50th anniversary of his priestly consecration was celebrated in this church.

We believe that in a mysterious way the bread becomes the body and wine becomes the blood of our Lord. It was after blessing the bread and wine that our Lord said, "This is my body" and "This is my blood". Just as our Lord was perfect God and perfect man, without any change in the godhood and man-hood, after the blessing, the bread is, both bread and the body of our Lord. Also after blessing, the wine is both wine and blood of our Lord. Protestant churches say that the bread and wine are only the symbols of the body and blood of our Lord.